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Aromatic Beeswax Melts

Rs. 500.00
Fragrance: Carnation Musk & Patchouli


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  • Material: 100% organic beeswax & plant-based essential oils. 
  • Pack Contains: 8 wax melts. Basically, these are candles without a wick! Meant to be warmed slowly with a tea light or on an electric burner.

    How To Use:-
  • Keep 2 wax melts on top of a burner/diffuser (depending on space/area of use)
  • Light a tealight candle underneath or switch on your electric diffuser
  • As the wax starts to melt, it will fill your space with heavenly aroma!
  • After the first burn, the melted wax will solidify in your burner and you may let the wax be there until you would like to use it again
  • For your next burn, just change out your tea light candle and the wax will melt again and fill your space with fragrance
  • Each melt is reusable up to 5-7 hours

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