The Origin Story

Purple Potato is the coming together of inspiration and passion of two individuals who believe in each other and care about the well-being of the human kind. During the pandemic, a lot of businesses closed down, a lot of people lost their jobs, and a lot of people went hungry.
Yet, the ordeal arrived with its own set of lessons to teach. The two too had their learning and heard their calling. They decided to provide. Provide a livelihood to the needy and their skill, knowledge, and finesse to the world. They made sure that the factory had labor and the labor had food on the table.
The two wanted to create an environment that provides a sense of belonging. Supports you in spirit to unleash your power and be who you really want to be. Speak your truth. Be courageous. Most importantly, be comfortable. Not only in the soft clothing created for you – but also in your skin!
Purple Potato first tickled its birth in their hearts, and then manifested from doodles on the workbook to a full-fledged production of styles in the factory. 9 months from conception in January, 2021 to getting the ball rolling for the whole world in September, 2021. From choosing the right fabrics, colors, silhouettes and packaging to presenting you a collection that is garment-dyed and vintage washed for a classic vintage feel, they’ve given their all.
Purple Potato garments get better with every wash. The disclaimer and wash-care instructions are a must-read to maximize the stability and longevity of the garments.
Stepping-up a notch, their idea is to do more than provide comfortable garments. They care not just for you to look good, but also to feel fabulous. They care about the wellbeing of their client in totality and wanted to make something that adds that special touch of love into someone’s life. Hence, the coming together of aromatherapy for healing. Purple Potato handcrafts healing candles and wax tablets to enliven your senses and bring a little nature into your home.

Join the Purple Potato tribe to nourish your mind, body and soul.

Jatin and Ritu

the sun and the rain
that’s all it takes to nurture
your mind, body and soul.