This is You. This is Us.

You are the culmination of your thoughts, desires, and experiences.
Imagine comfort clothing, healing candles, & true self-expression.

Purple Potato: The Vintage Boutique is a clothing brand – A rare blend of creativity meeting its roots, with a difference.

We are trend setters with international quality standards.

We indulge in the thirst for premium apparel while also nourishing the soul.

The Purple Potato collection is garment-dyed to achieve a soft hand-feel and delicate vintage look. From choosing the right quality fabrics, colors, styles and fits of our garments, to integrating nature in our candles and assorted wax tablets.

Come, embrace the warm love of our cozy knits.

The Healing Candles & Tablets Collection is made using crystals, essential oils, flowers and herbs. Each time you burn a candle, you attract the power to manifest all your dreams. Our tablets are adorned with flowers and herbs. Each is different from the previous one. Ultimate growth happens when the mind is calm, the body is ready to receive, and the soul is satisfied.

In a Nutshell, we are As Unique As You.
Come relax in Purple Potato.
Come heal with Purple Potato.