Good Vibes Only Tablet

$25 (incl. taxes)

Tea tree essential oil purifies air and freshens any environment in your home. More valuable than gold in some areas of the world, the smoky notes of Oud blend with floral, almost-honeyed neroli to nurture a peaceful headspace and relaxed environment.

We infuse beeswax with essential oils and delightfully aromatic herbs & flowers to create these tablets. 100% biodegradable, Purple Potato wax tablets are a treat for any space. Each piece is hand-crafted and each design, unique. Goes where a Purple Potato candle cannot – your wardrobe, a gym bag, even drawers!

  • Fragrance Notes: Oud & Tea Tree
  • Dimension: 4″ Length X 2″ Width
  • Weight: 45 – 50 gms
  • Life: 3-6 months depending on usage

***All Domestic and International deliveries take 7-10 business days

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Additional Information

Beeswax is naturally aromatic and also an air-purifier. Essential oils are concentrated extracts of plants, leaves, and other elements from nature. They retain their natural essence and are used in many fields, including aromatherapy for their healing properties.

All our beeswax comes from sustainable honey-farming industry & all flowers, herbs, and aromatic spices are ethically sourced.

Since all Purple Potato beeswax tablets are crafted by hand, no two are alike.

Healing crystal candles are available in the same fragrances as well here


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