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This is a powerhouse of spiritual protection. Bejeweled with aromatic spices and raw Black Tourmaline & Obsidian – strong spiritual grounding stones, popularly used for protection against negative energy of all kinds.

The candle is infused with tea tree essential oil which purifies air and freshens any environment in your home. More valuable than gold in some areas of the world, the smoky notes of Oud blend with floral, almost-honeyed neroli to nurture a peaceful headspace and relaxed environment. This luxury manifestation candle has been freshly handcrafted in small batches for you.

Each time you light this candle, whisper a soft affirmation:

  • Healing Crystal: Black Tourmaline & Black Obsidian
  • Fragrance Notes: Oud & Tea Tree
  • Dimension: 4″ Height X 3.25″ Diameter
  • Weight: 750 gms
  • Burn Time: 65-70 hrs depending on usage

***All Domestic and International deliveries take 7-10 business days

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Burn Instruction

For the first burn, the candle must be lit for 3.25 hours in order to achieve maximum melt pool. Please note, beeswax has tunnel memory. The candle will only burn as much as the previous melt pool. Hence, it’s important for the first burn to achieve the maximum melt pool so that all wax gets utilised in subsequent burns without creating a tunnel.

We’ve decorated each Purple Potato candle with crystals, flowers, herbs, and aromatic spices. The wooden wick is deliberatly a size smaller so the decor stays put on the edges and the fire doesn’t burn the natural elements on the candle. In case you feel a flower might burn, simply pick it out and keep aside.

Additional Information

Beeswax is naturally aromatic and also an air purifier. When lit, the spectrum of light from a beeswax candle is warm, like the sky during sunset.

All our beeswax comes from a sustainable honey-farming industry & all healing crystals are ethically mined and sourced.

Since all Purple Potato candles are handcrafted, no two are alike.

Beeswax tablets are available in the same fragrances here

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