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Hello there!

We are Purple Potato, a ready-to-wear slow fashion brand based in India. We came into existence as a pandemic baby back in September 2021.

Our specialization is Knitwear. Knit fabrics are made by interlocking loops of yarn or thread together using knitting needles or machines. The structure of the fabric is flexible and stretchy, as the loops can move and expand - in short, knitwear is supreme comfort.

Our mission is to bring you timeless wardrobe winners with unique twists. Featuring limited edition prints and versatile loungewear that will fit your lifestyle seamlessly; If you’re all about color, expression through words, texture, & art - Purple Potato is all about you.

At Purple Potato, we're all about disrupting high street fashion practices by prioritizing conscious production, consumption, and sourcing to minimize wastage. Despite having small collections, we make sure to deliver a powerful impact through our designs.

Like the breeze on a sunny day, our styles are not just comfortable and functional but also designed to color your daily moods.

Our foundation is built on comfort, celebrating your body, and finding hope in every moment. Imagine artful vintage graphics and unique silhouettes combined with laidback elegance of everyday essentials. We add dramatic trims and use unexpected color stories to make you stand out.

What sets us apart is our premium products mastered in Garment Dye. We're proud to be the only brand in India offering this technique in multiple styles and colorways, resulting in a unique vintage wash effect. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, and we've adopted a no-plastic policy.

We recently introduced sustainable materials like Linen, Cotton linen, Lyocell linen, Tencel Denim, and vintage digital prints in cotton knits. These additions add elegance, sophistication, and most importantly, comfort to your wardrobe, making you feel confident and stylish.

Holistic wellness is a fundamental part of our ethos, and it's symbolized by our luxurious healing crystal candles and hand-painted bamboo candles. We believe in healing the mind, body, and soul through self-expression and comfort.

When you wear Purple Potato, we want you to feel emotionally and aesthetically connected to our brand because we stand for something meaningful.

We invite you to explore the Purple Potato experience and join us on this journey of conscious fashion and authentic self-expression.

Welcome to Purple Potato!

Lots of Love 💗