Fits You Can Throw On Whenever & Look Stunning

Fits You Can Throw On Whenever & Look Stunning

Dress the part: Fits that complement any vibe

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Every wardrobe has one of these. Yup, you guessed it right – a pair of well-fitted ripped jeans. This blog is an idea-starter of stylish outfits you can try incorporating into your daily dressing game.

Who doesn’t love a good tie-dye moment? Rock these uber-comfy & super soft tie-dye pants with your favourite tank top. Go crazy with a monochrome or tame your fashion animal with a neutral moment. Tie-dye is in, and it’s here to stay. 

Shop Daffodil Top

Say goodbye to the boring jeans and regular T-shirt fits, the Daffodil Top is the classic addition to any wardrobe. Ribbed – check. Tie-Dye – check. Office appropriate and modest – check!

Go for a nice tuck and finish it off with a bold belt, you’re golden! It also acts as a layering piece for winters and looks delicious peeking from underneath a jacket. 

Shop Gardenia Top

We’re in for a waffle-moment. I need to confess that my love for a waffle-knit fabrication was slow and it wasn’t the most obvious love either. It was only after I modeled for Purple Potato and got the chance to rock the WhiteLily Top in Mango did I feel the magic of a good waffle on my skin. And now, I’m all about it. It’s an understated element that drives a look from casual to uber classy. The Gardenia Top here is styled with denim shorts and a bold colour-block belt in bright pink. The trendy element is not the teal, but the half-placket lined with different buttons and the thumb-hold on the sleeves. Could you ask for more?

Shop Larkspur Top

This one’s for the divas. Mhmm. The dancers and the yogis. The travelers and the hippies. I’m talking about the Larkspur Top. Notice, it’s an understated piece that elevates any look. You style it with jeans, and you’re dressed for a party. You pair it with joggers and sneakers – boom you’ve transitioned into a street-style attire. Fashion is versatile. The Larkspur top lets you express the many moods of life. Pair with leggings or style the end of summer with a cute denim skirt. 

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