Wash Less, Wear More: Garment Care Guide

Wash Less, Wear More: Garment Care Guide

On average, it takes 70 liters of water to do one load of washing in a machine.

Instead of washing garments after 1 wear – air them instead (unless incredibly sweaty or stained). Besides saving a bucket load of water (literally) it also prolongs the life of the garment. This blog teaches you how to –

  • Save Electricity
  • Save Water
  • Improve Life Cycle of the Garment

    Read the Label!

    Each Purple Potato Garment comes with its own special wash care instructions – best suited to the fabric & its qualities. As a general rule of thumb, always dryclean tie-dye garments. Hand wash & line dry your knitwear so it retains shape.

    Washing Machines Pro-tips for Garment Dyed Clothes

  • Make sure you put a max load (for optimizing electricity) with similar colors on a gentle setting
  • Turn clothes inside out & zip all zippers
  • Tie the sleeves loosely together so they don’t get stuck in the machine
  • Use cold water with Garment Dye apparel – it helps keep the fibers close together & the dye trapped inside.
  • Tumble dry on a low setting to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. But don’t overstuff the dryer.
  • Hope this short blog gives easy tips to take care of your knitwear. If there are any more suggestions or anything we missed here – write to us! We love to hear from you.

    Purple Potato is a casual + comfort-first apparel & candles brand, based out of Gurgaon, India. Serving premium products mastered in Garment Dye – our USP. We’re the few people in India making a product that is one of a kind & famous for its vintage wash effect.

    We are a conscious sustainable brand and advocate a no plastic policy – from fabric to packaging. Our recent introductions include sustainable fabrics like Linen, Cotton linen, Lyocell linen, Tencel Denim, & super earthy, vintage digital prints in cotton knits. We love combining elegance, sophistication, and drapes to help make our customers feel sexy, confident, and most importantly, comfortable.

    Purple potato embodies the spirit of holistic wellness. Being in harmony with oneself and with nature.

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