Purple Potato: Steps Towards Sustainability

Purple Potato: Steps Towards Sustainability

Instead of 2 seasons Spring-Summer & Autumn Winter, we now have 52!

Something new comes up every single week. Products are pushed from runways to stores & into our homes – cheap enough to be discarded without even blinking an eye. But where do these thrown away items go? Simple answer – in rivers and landfills.

Earth Friendly Principles We Follow

1. Buying less, wearing more, & wasting less. 

Producing high quality & classic designs keeping comfort & earth in our mind. From raw materials to finished product – all comes from the same city & travels minimum distance i.e. WAY LESS carbon dioxide produced during transit.

2. Bulk sourcing and producing in small batches helps us perfect design, take care of the minutest details & pay attention to customer experience.

3. We reduce carbon miles by manufacturing all our products in Gurgaon, India from start to finish. It’s all 100% local.

4. When choosing to buy any Purple Potato product you also help the on-ground staff & artisans who produced, packed, & sold the products thrive in their communities & sustain their jobs.

5. We work with local & skilled artisans with their rights, safe working conditions, & fair pay being our top priority.

6. All Purple Potato apparel products are free of animal or animal derived products across the supply chain. No leather, no wool, no fur, just cotton, modal, Tencel & other plant-based or man-made fabrics. Helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by a huge margin. Aka: 100% Vegan Apparel.

In a world of greenwashing, Purple Potato is determined to produce responsibly & with heart. Each business effort from sourcing raw materials to shipping products is a step towards a better social & environmental impact.

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