Embracing the Power of Timeless Knits

Embracing the Power of Timeless Knits

I am a Virgo Moon. Nope, this isn’t about astrology (not today at least!)

I love research! And I love fashion!

For me to stumble upon the concept of #slowfashion was but natural.
I have always appreciated the artistry and craftsmanship behind clothing, especially knits.

They feel comfortable & are versatile. Manufacturing sustainable alternatives to fast fashion trends, without being on the fashion clock – that’s the dream & we gave birth to it.

Why exactly is slow fashion better?

Fast fashion wreaks havoc on our planet in more ways than one.

Guzzles water like a parched desert wanderer, with excessive water usage staining our resources. Oozing pollution polluting our air and waterways. Let’s not forget the mountain of textile waste suffocating our landfills.

But the damage doesn’t stop there!

Fast fashion’s dark secrets also involve exploiting workers, subjecting them to unsafe conditions and meager wages. And with its tempting, ever-changing trends, fast fashion fosters a disposable culture where clothes are worn once and tossed aside, leading to a landfill overflowing with discarded garments.

In the world of fashion, there exists a realm where sustainability intertwines with timeless allure, and it is within the realm of knitted garments that this enchanting fusion truly comes to life.

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