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🌍💚 Driving a Mindful Shift in the Fashion Industry: It Starts with You

The fashion sector is not on track to meet its sustainability targets or contribute to global initiatives such as the SDGs, the Paris Agreement, or the Kunming-Montreal GBF. 

Unsustainable consumption and production patterns directly contribute to the triple planetary crisis of climate change, nature and biodiversity loss, and pollution and waste (UNEP 2021c; UNEP 2023).

The industry is responsible for 2% to 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, as well as pollution, water extraction, and biodiversity impacts (UNEP 2023). Changing consumption rates, increasing consumer knowledge, and shifting behaviors are crucial to reduce the sector's impact (UNEP 2023).

The Sustainable Fashion Communication Playbook recognizes the industry's cultural influence and presents a creative opportunity to communicate sustainable and circular solutions. 

It guides fashion communicators in countering misinformation, reducing messages of overconsumption, redirecting aspiration to sustainable lifestyles, and empowering consumers (UNEP).

Join the movement and drive a shift in the fashion industry by making mindful choices. Let's inspire one another and use our voices to demand greater action from businesses and policymakers.

👉 Read the Sustainable Fashion Communication Playbook here: https://www.unep.org/interactives/sustainable-fashion-communication-playbook/

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