5 Easy Ways To Feel Good & Improve Your Mental Health Game

5 Easy Ways To Feel Good & Improve Your Mental Health Game

What is life if not a series of memories? 

Here’s to actually enjoying the ride, reducing stress naturally, and feeling awesome doing it!

Before we work on self – let’s do something nice for someone else. Hello instant mood lift.
I understand, it’s not all a bed of roses. Some days suck and others suck less. Some days are bright and others make you feel on top of the world! This blog is a quick list of activities that help me feel good on bad days and make the good days better. Read on 😉

  • Journal
    If there’s one thing I’m a nerd about, it’s this. Journal ideas, writing prompts, flip throughs – Pinterest is full of them, and I’m not complaining. I dump my feels on paper and have been doing so since 2nd grade. We’ve come a long way and my writing style has evolved too. With that, my presentation skills. Now, I’m not a pro, but going back and reading what I wrote about a certain day in the past ALWAYS makes me grateful. I also get to make fun of my artistic expertise (or lack there-of) in line drawings. I had a whole phase of drawing flowers. That’s all I could do! Journaling makes me feel good, and if you’re reading this, I hope you get yourself a diary and begin documenting feelings, lovers, and adventures today.
  • Practice breathwork
    My morning routine has evolved over the years. From not having any, to now having a specific set of rituals I practice before heading out – life has become better. To realise that our breath carries us; It’s the first inhale when we’re born, and the last exhale on the day we die. We’re alive and breathwork practices help me stay in the present moment. From something as simple as Left-Right nostril breathing to 4×4 box breathing, the internet is full of ideas and activities. I suggest you find a simple one and incorporate your own ritual even if it’s for 5 minutes a day. It’s going to transform your life.
  • Go for a walk
    I bet it doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. Number 1 anger-management tool – WALKING! Now I’m no doctor but oh boy does a walk around the block cool me down! I walk on days I don’t feel like working out. I walk on days I’m planning a new blog and need my subconscious brewing ideas in the background. Taking a walk is often the equivalent of taking a shower – something neat comes out of it. You’ll find many reasons to go for a walk right now, but my favourite is that nature encourages creativity and keeps the heart happy 🙂
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  • Add nature into your home
    Talking of nature is incomplete without talking about plants! Our environment conducts our mood. And so, it’s important we consciously curate a space that uplifts our wellbeing. An easy interior decor hack is to pepper a bunch of indoor plants in your living space. Big leaves, thick steams, make them climb the walls, you can really get creative with it. I use glass alcohol bottles and propagate money plants in water. They are low maintenance and make my room look like a forest. Trust me, I don’t even try and it’s such a good flex! At the end of the day, you’ll have a beautiful natural sunlit room and a kickass aesthetic.
  • Social media detox
    Some of you would hate this one. But it’s good for us. So good I should have made this the first point. But maybe you wouldn’t have read the blog till here. Either way, if you’re reading this, then you’re invested and I love you for that. I regularly go off social media. I unfollow people. And deactivate my account. Truth is, I care more about my peace, and very very very very (times 10) less about what someone else thinks when I live life a certain way. Na uh. The mantra is CLEANSE. This is why it’s called a DETOX. The parallel of taking a shower – yet again! Rid yourself of the dirt, the grime, the sweat of unlimited posts that don’t all contribute to anything but tiring your eyes. I don’t like it, and my brain goes on red alert as soon as I find myself in a pattern where my eyes leech onto my phone screen.

Look up. The world is beautiful. Spend time with your kids. Call a friend. Scroll less.
*Oh, while you’re at it – remove songs from your favourite playlist that you always skip. You’re welcome <3

Bonus activities that help a lot:

  • Brew a kettle of your favorite tea
  • Put on a cute outfit 
  • Healthy smoothie
  • 8 minutes of movement
  • Laugh Laugh Laugh

Here’s a challenge: Incorporate 2, ANY 2 of the activities mentioned above in your life. Tell us how you feel in 15 days <3

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